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Richard Lavender

Modern Professional Celebrant

Hello! I’m Richard, a Professional Celebrant based in Chester, UK.

It’s important to know who may be joining you together or indeed conducting a funeral for the passing of a loved one.

My journey as a celebrant began after a long career in the corporate world, having run many businesses and done a lot of public and in-house speaking over a large number of years. I decided that I wanted to do something different something that made me feel good and in turn, help others, I already had an involvement in an event business so had been to lots of weddings and corporate events in that capacity.


I was also always very curious when I saw celebrants performing a ceremony some good some not so!… having everyone I hold close keep telling me “You would be so good at doing this” (they know I’m a show-off!) I did my research and was staggered by how strict the rules and regulations were that we had to adhere to just to have an official ceremony.

I thought there had to be a better way that gives you the freedom to do what YOU want not what you are told to do (I’ve always been a maverick! But seriously it’s our life our day we should have the freedom to choose. So Richard Lavender Celebrant was born.

My Approach

I’m a big romantic but also a realist as much as I love doing this it does take time and pressure to get this right for you, we are a wonderfully diverse nation celebrating our happy day with those around us that we love dearly so we should all accept and embrace our decisions.

I will make your day how you want it however if you’re looking for a very serious traditional figure I will be honest and say I’m not your celebrant! I like to make the day fun, uplifting, special, involved and a million other words I can use.

If you’re having a themed wedding and you want me to dress up then how could I say no!! it’s about you, you and then you! I’m here to bring it all together and make it memorable and fun for everyone including me. (Please have a themed wedding!)


To be part of your exciting day and to share your joy creating a ceremony that will remain an important central part of people’s lives or if I’m helping a family to say goodbye to a loved one in a way that is personal and meaningful is such a privilege to me.

I am Chester born and bred and there are so many wonderful settings and venues to choose from. I have both young and older children in my blended family and I have the full support from those around me.

Well, that’s more than enough about me ….. so tell me about you and let’s start planning the ceremony that you want.

It’s important to find a Celebrant that’s a good fit. Let’s chat!

I believe it’s important to know who may be joining you together or indeed conducting a funeral for the passing of a loved one. Contact me today for a free consultation and to see if we are a good fit for your special event.

Do you have any questions about Celebrants?

Would you like to know more about me, the celebrant role on your big day and the process involved, or are you curious about celebrancy in general? Contact me for more information, I am more than happy to help. 

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