I pride myself in being a celebrant without prejudice, If you are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, please feel free to contact me today.

Proud to be a LGBTQIA+ Celebrant.

Our world is changing around us and we are all diverse in our views today, Love has no boundaries regardless of your identity. Love is love in all its forms and should be celebrated without prejudice and therefore we all have the right to celebrate that.

A Reflective Poem.

Thank God for boys,

Thank god for girls,

Thank god for humans in this world.


Boys can like Pink,

Girls can wear blue,

Your reflection is up to you.


When someone’s proud

Let them be them,

Let boys be girls,

Let girls be men.


Don’t hate because your different

As that’s still up to you,

In fact you should be proud of them,

For they came out of you.

Plan a day to remember.

As a celebrant I would be honoured and proud to help make your very special day one to remember and give you everlasting memories. Let me celebrate your love and help you tell the world about it. Committing to one another in whatever way you choose is a wonderful life event.

Let’s talk and get this party started!

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