Funeral & Celebration of Life Ceremonies

A funeral can be a difficult experience for all loved ones, I can help you craft the perfect send-off so that you can celebrate and cherish the memories of a loved one.

When someone passes it is an incredibly painful time.

The truth is that as humans we all live our lives in different ways when we lose someone we all grieve in different ways it follows that we should also recognise loss outside of the constraints of a service determined by someone else away form traditional options differently.

A bespoke, respectful send off.

As an independent celebrant helping you you have the freedom to choose, it may be that the loved one that has passed was just slightly religious or even an atheist, they may have been spiritual they may have just not wanted to much or indeed wanted to taken on their final journey in a sidecar on a motorbike! Its your opportunity to show how much someone was loved by respecting their final wishes with dignity respect and warmth.

Its about you your family and friends as an independent celebrant I will help you create a bespoke ceremony its my job to talk with the family in collaboration with your funeral director to guide you through the various options available to you. Prepare and deliver a service including music readings poems and any appropriate symbolic gestures. Im here to support you through the whole process.

Crafting a loved ones ceremony

My first job is to conduct a home visit to get to know the family and share uplifting stories about your loved one, we will talk about the ceremony and who and what you want involved and how we can best celebrate the life lived. I am very passionate about getting this just right so as to honour the loved one and also respect the families wishes ensuring your ceremony is both uplifting and a celebration of life.


Celebrants are usually recommended and retained by a funeral director following the contact I will call you to arrange a home visit and maintain contact with you through a very difficult time.

Alternatively, you can always recommend to your funeral director that you wish to retain me to conduct you service, you can also engage my services independently by simply calling me on 07771 687 316 I will be very happy to help you.

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